Get Six Pack Abs and Lose Body Fat

How to Get Ripped Six Pack Abs - Quickest Ways

Find the quickest way to get ripped six pack abs

Getting a firm set of washboard abs is the coveted dream of many. The good news is that anyone can look amazing and showcase a six pack as proof of fitness and the hard work that comes with it. In this article, we show you how you can do exactly that with easy to understand exercises, tips and weight loss advice. With this information, you can get started on your fast journey to ripped abs without even having to step foot into a gym. In addition, you will not have to buy any fancy equipment. All you have to do is keep your eye on the prize and you will get the transformation you desire.

Check our website for some effective abs workouts and You will find exercises such as crunches, the Russian twist, planks and more. We also describe the RIGHT way to do these exercises so that you get the desired results. For example, when doing the Russian twist, your feet should remain off the ground and when planking your body should be straight and off the ground.

Six Pack Exercises to Get Abs Fast

There are plenty of exercises that can deliver the results you need for a ripped set of abs. The difference is that some are more effective than others. On the other hand, some are more strenuous. However, as the saying goes - no pain, no gain. The most important thing to remember is that for an exercise to be effective, it must apply some level of strain onto your core stomach muscles. Really, that is the only quickest way you will harden them to create the ripped six pack you want to get. Here are some effective exercises you can start implementing today. Do these in sets of 15-20.

Crunches & sit-ups

Crunches and sit-ups are probably the most common exercises for abdominal muscles. The reason for this is simple - they work. They compress the abdominal muscles repeatedly, especially the upper abs. Instead of just doing the traditional crunches over and over, strengthen your routine by trying other modified crunches such as the v-crunch, bicycle crunch, reverse crunch and knee crunch. This will help ensure your focus on your entire core area and burn the lower belly fat.

Scissor lift

The scissor lift is another simple but highly effective exercise for working your core area. Here, you lie flat on your back, extend your arms along the length of your body and then start to work your legs up and down in a scissor-like motion. Your legs should not go beyond a 45-degree angle from the ground for an effective exercise. Also, ensure your back is not arched as you carry out the routine.

Russian twist

If you do not know about the Russian twist I will tell you how to go about it. Simply lie down on your back, then lift your back at a 45 degree angle off the ground and repeat the same for your legs. Have your legs next to each other or cross one leg over the other without touching the ground. In this position, only your butt will be in contact with the ground and your abdominal muscles will be working overtime to provide the needed support to the rest of the body. Hold a ball or a light dumbbell in your hands and move the object from one side of your abdomen to the other, as if you are rowing a boat.

If you do not have a dumbbell or a ball, simply clasp your hands together and proceed. This exercise may look easy but it really starts to bit after a few seconds.


Planks are intense, but they get the job done. When planking, your body should be straight and rigid. Your feet should be pointed downwards and your elbow joint should be at a 90 degree angle. This way, your abdominal muscles are left with the task of offering support to your entire middle body. Since they are so intense, do not strain yourself trying to break a record. One minute routines are sufficient. These are great when done in between other routines such as crunches and sit ups. You can also throw in side planks to invigorate your routine.

Lose the belly fat for your abs to show

Now that you know some of the best exercises to get your abs toned, it is time to learn the other trick about getting a six pack. For your abdominals to show, your need to burn away the fat away from your stomach area. Unfortunately, the tummy is the first place your body stores its excess fat and the last place to deplete. That is why getting rid of that belly fat is so hard. Some people will do the exercises outlined above for years and still not get the six pack of their dreams.

Reason? Because their abs are hidden beneath a layer of fat. Their abs are already developed but they have no way of seeing them. In truth, you must have less than 10% body fat for your abs to appear ripped. This is why, you must incorporate some fat-burning exercises to your work out. Hardening your core muscles alone just will not cut it.

Cardio exercises will help you to get abs fast

To get your body fat below 10% so that your six pack can show, engage in some cardiovascular exercises. Cardio exercises include anything that can keep your heart rate elevated for more than 15 minutes. The best cardio exercises I would recommend are running, jogging or skipping rope. The best thing with cardio exercises is that you lose fat evenly all over your body, develop muscle and tone your entire body. Cardio exercises are also good for the function of your heart and lungs. You can start with 15 minute routines and keep extending the duration as your body adapts.

Observe a healthy diet

The other thing you need to do is avoid accumulating more fat than you already have. This means avoiding sugary foods such as cakes, chocolates and ice cream. These are high on carbohydrates. The reason you need to avoid carbs is because the body stores the excess calories in these foods as fat. You also need to avoid fatty foods such as deep fried snacks. Instead, start snacking on fruits and add more veggies to your diet. This will ensure you do not undo that hard work you are trying to accomplish as you keep your eye on that rock hard six pack.


To sum it all up, there are three things you need to do to get a six pack fast: burn body fat, eat healthy and work your core abdominal muscles fervently. All these three go in tandem. You cannot afford to neglect either. As you get progress on your quest for ripped abs, your body will start getting used to your exercises. For this reason, keep alternating your routines and increasing the duration for each. This way, you will keep challenging your body instead of getting into a comfort zone. Incorporate new tricks as you go along and keep track of your progress so that you can gauge the results of your hard work.