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The Truth About Abs Review

by Dustin Fleming

Six pack abs are one of the most sought-after indicators of health and fitness. For a man to get abs, he needs to get his bodyfat down to about 11 percent. For women, the bodyfat percentage is slightly higher, but the idea remains the same. If you have abs you are lean and probably in good shape.

Most people walk around at a bodyfat percentage significantly higher than eleven percent, and find it difficult to diet down to the levels required to get their abdominal muscles to show. While this is not a bad thing if you are simply dieting to get your BMI into a healthy range, if you are determined to show off a beach body then you will need to re-evaluate your relationship with food and fitness, and that's exactly what Mike Geary is doing with

What Does This Book Contain?

“The Truth About Six Pack Abs” ebook by Mike Geary aims to help people to learn how to eat healthily so that their appetite is reduced, so they can stick to their diet more easily. It also aims to help people to increase their resting metabolic rate, so that they lose weight more quicklyor can eat slightly more while maintaining a calorie deficit.

The book includes some easy-to-follow concepts, and helps people to get into great shape without having to spend their whole life at the gym. If you have hit a plateau in your weight loss efforts then you may benefit from this book.

No The Truth About Six Pack Abs review would be complete without considering the long-term results, however. It is important to remember that getting great abs requires working out your whole body and changing your diet. Results come quickly with this program, but that can be said about almost any program - if you change what you are doing your body will briefly struggle to adapt and if you are exercising hard or engaged in an intense workout regimen then the weight will simply fall off.

The long-term results are what matters, however, and it is fair to say that the changes that Mike Geary's truth about abs program recommends are reasonable and easy to adhere to.

Does The Truth About Abs Work?

The Truth About Abs program is effective. The exercises and diets that are recommended in it are all reasonable and backed up by science. This is not a program that will have you living on nothing but soup or bananas. However, that is not to say that it is easy. Getting abs takes time.

If you are determined to get abs and build a strong and lean looking body, but don't have access to a personal trainer then buying the Truth About Six Pack Abs is a good option. You will learn a lot about your metabolism, safe exercise and healthy eating. If all of your previous diet attempts have been calorie focused then you will probably find that you see some huge changes in your body composition quite quickly.

No Ground-Breaking Secrets

However, people who are already well-educated in nutrition and health will probably not learn a lot by reading the book. Mike Geary is preaching established wisdom - abs are made in the kitchen, but you need to exercise to keep your muscle mass up. This is nothing ground-breaking and you will not find any shortcuts or paradigm shifts in the book.

That's not to say that it is not worth buying, however. The fitness course is fun and well-made, and the diet plans are easy to follow. The science is interesting reading and the instructions are easy to follow.

The book promises to reveal secrets about what it really takes to get abs, but these aren't really secrets - they are just things that many people often overlook, especially if they have been stuck in the world of Weight Watchers, Slimming World or Atkins for a long time. You can get great results with this program, but don't expect to pop one pill a day for 30 days and develop a six pack.

A great gift for a fitness fan...

This book will make a great gift for a fitness fan who is looking to improve their body composition and it is a good choice for people who have struggled with other more traditional diet plans. Unlike other books, this one will help you to think in terms of positive lifestyle changes. When other diets are abandoned, you will still be following this one.

If you need a helping hand to build a sensible, easy to stick-to program that will give you a six pack and also help you feel strong and healthy and get a better-looking body overall, then you are looking in the right place. The Truth About Abs will get you a better body for life.

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